Microneedling: What it is and why it’s not as scary as it sounds!

Microneedling: What it is and why it’s not as scary as it sounds!

Microneedling; what it is and why it’s not as scary as it sounds!


With the endless supply of anti-aging, skin rejuvenating treatments on the market, it pays to know which is going to bring you bang for your buck in skin results. Microneedling is truly the multitool of the treatment room that promotes skin health, rebuilds structure, evens out pigmentation and improves the appearance of broken capillaries. How is this possible? Keep reading to get the skinny on this hero skin treatment!

Microneedling is a treatment that involves the use of micro-fine needles to cause micro-injury to the skin. This causes the skin to enter the ‘wound healing cascade’, causing inflammation and the release of growth factors that promote skin remodelling, cell communication and improve skin health. Put simply, microneedling is just like exercising - when we work out, our muscles undergo micro-tears to the fibers and become inflamed (and sore) in order to grow back bigger and stronger! So consider microneedling your new high intensity workout for your skin! So does the same rule of no pain, no gain apply to this treatment?

Luckily, just like a workout, downtime for needling only lasts a few days in which the skin appears a bit red and tender. The treatment itself can be a little uncomfortable however if you do have a very low pain threshold, you can purchase a topical anaesthetic from your local pharmacy and apply it 30-45 minutes before the treatment. However, it is recommended to go without if you can tough it as it may impede the outcome slightly. 

So what can microneedling achieve?

  1. Improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles: Through the healing process, the skin will stimulate the production of collagen and elastic (the proteins that hold the skin up firm) and help to reduce wrinkles. 


  1. Improving skin texture: When ‘cell communication’ is improved, the natural exfoliation process of the skin works better, helping to even out skin texture, making it more smooth and even. 
  2. Reducing scarring and stretch marks: Both by producing new collagen to fill out dips in the skin surface, but also by mechanically breaking down old scar tissue, microneedling can help to reduce scarring. However, it should be noted that scarring will require more sessions over a longer period of time.


  1. Brightening uneven pigmentation: By breaking down deposits of uneven pigment and improving the communication between pigment producing cells, the skin tone can be evened out!


  1. Enhancing the penetration of skincare products: The microscopic punctures created during the procedure can increase the absorption of skincare products, making them more effective. However: it should be noted that only sterile products approved for use in microneedling should be applied during or post needling.


  1. Improving the appearance of redness and broken capillaries: By breaking down old, faulty blood vessels in the skin and stimulating the skin to replace them with new, healthy vessels that aren’t as visible, the appearance of broken capillaries can be improved. 


  1. Non-surgical facelift: Microneedling can also be used as a non-surgical facelift, which can help to lift and tighten the skin on the face, neck, and other areas of the body.

Now that we know all the benefits this treatment can offer, lets look at whether it’s the right treatment for you;

Firstly, Is it safe?

Microneedling is considered safe when performed by a qualified skincare professional or dermatologist. It shouldn’t be performed during pregnancy or breastfeeding when the body is already undergoing stress and sensitivity may be higher. 

It’s also important to ensure that the professional you see is using a reputable device and ensuring they are working to the utmost standards of hygiene. The Exceed device used at Lash and Brow Boudoir is a german manufactured, class 2 medical device with TGA listing, medical CE and ISO certified. As such, it requires strict training on how to use it sterilely and safely, which our therapists have undergone.

We mention this as using devices that can be purchased over the internet can be dangerous for your skin and lead to complications. Devices that are not sterile, have poor quality or faulty needle cartridges, or using products not approved for needling during or after treatment can lead to injury, granulomas or scarring. 

Therefore, it’s important to get your treatment done by a qualified professional you trust! 

There can be preparation and some post care involved in microneedling in order to ensure the best results and to lower the risk of complications. This may include using a pigment controlling product such as Image’s Illuma Intense Brightening Serum for 2-4 weeks prior to avoid the production of hyperpigmentation after treatment.

To learn more about Illuma Intense Brightening Serum come visit our expert skin therapists in salon! Purchase in salon or via our online store!

Post care will involve the use of Aspect’s Soothing Skin kit to ensure the skin barrier is supported and heals as quickly as possible. The Soothing Skin Kit includes Gentle Clean, Hydrating Serum and Redless 21 Oil to be used for at least 3 days post treatment.

 It is also recommended only to use physical or mineral sunscreens for the first 2 days following treatment. We recommend Aspect’s Physical SPF50 for this. 


How often should you do needling?


It depends on what you are trying to treat and your available time. For pigmentation and overall skin health maintenance, it can be performed every 3-4 weeks as only the upper layers of the skin will be treated. For concerns of wrinkles, fine lines or scarring, it will be performed every 6-8 weeks to allow enough time for collagen to develop and the skin to recover fully. 


How many sessions do I need?

In general, we recommend 6-10 sessions however this may vary depending on the condition being treated. Scarring and stretch marks may require 10+ sessions over a longer period of time however superficial textural issues may need less than 6. Either way, we recommend doing treatments in a series then maintained by your regular monthly or bimonthly facial. 

Microneedling is also boosted by a near-infrared LED session one week post treatment which helps to speed up the rate the skin heals and decrease downtime. 

To help you get the best results out of your microneedling treatments, we have created a treatment package which includes your first 3 sessions of microneedling, 3 post treatment LED sessions and your soothing skin kit so you are ready to go enjoy the amazing results of this device!