Nano Hair Stroke

The newest technique in microblading...NANO BROWS

The nanomachine creates realistic hair-like strokes and is a minimally invasive procedure whereby the pigment is implanted into the skin using a cosmetic tattooing machine with a single needle. The Precision and accuracy improves because of the smaller needle, allowing for more natural looking results.

This new procedure has taken the beauty world by storm. It provides all the advantages of microblading but with much less trauma to the skin!

Nano Brow Vs. Microblading: How are they different?

Microblading has traditionally been the favoured choice among individuals seeking semi-permanent eyebrow enhancements, particularly those with sparse hair growth. Despite reservations about body tattoos, numerous individuals have embraced facial tattoos as a subtle means to achieve well-groomed and voluminous eyebrows without the need for daily maintenance. Unfortunately, the durability of microbladed eyebrows may vary depending on the oiliness of one's skin, potentially leading to a shorter lifespan than initially anticipated.

Nano brows are achieved through a procedure called Nano hairstroke, which offers an alternative to microblading for individuals seeking to enhance sparse eyebrows. Although there are some similarities between these two popular eyebrow practices, there exist several key distinctions. If you have been contemplating microblading but have reservations, here is a comprehensive overview of nano brows, providing you with all the necessary information.

Why Nano Brow?

There are several reasons why Nano Brow is considered superior to Microblading. Firstly, Nano Brow utilizes a finer needle and a more advanced technique, allowing for more precise and detailed hairstrokes. This results in a more natural and realistic appearance of the eyebrows. 

The utilization of a smaller needle in Nano Brow enhances precision and accuracy, resulting in outcomes that appear more natural.

Secondly, Nano Brow is a gentler procedure compared to Microblading, as it causes less trauma to the skin. The use of a small needle reduces the likelihood of scarring and minimizes discomfort during the process and bleeding. Nano brows are particularly well-suited for clients with oily, sensitive, or mature skin. Additionally, the healing time for Nano Brow is typically shorter (around 5 days), enabling individuals to resume their daily activities sooner.

Furthermore, Nano Brow offers greater flexibility in terms of customization. With this technique, the shape, thickness, especially the pattern of the stroke can be created to blend with your natural brow hair. The color of the eyebrows can be more accurately tailored to suit the client's preferences and facial features. The precision achieved with Nano Brow allows for a more personalized and flattering result.

  • Precare

    • 60 DAYS PRIOR:     

    NO Chemical peels

    • 28 DAYS PRIOR:     

    NO Injectables

    • 7 DAYS PRIOR:     

    NO intense sun exposure/sunburnt

    Please DO NOT pluck, wax, tint, thread, or any hair removal around the brow area

    DO NOT use any active skincare e.g: Retinols, AHAs or other anti-aging creams

    DO NOT apply serums containing acids on the eyebrow area

    • 48 HOURS PRIOR:  

    DO NOT take aspirin, ibuprofen, niacin, vitamin E, fish oil  (Omega 3) or Coq10 as these can thin the blood and cause excessive bleeding

    AVOID drinking alcohol. 

    • 24 HOURS PRIOR:

    DO NOT cosume caffeine 

  • Postcare

    • DAY 1: Keep clean and dry, do not touch your eyebrows! They may feel tender and appear a little red. This means you cannot wet your brows in the shower (DO NOT leave direct water running through your eyebrows) or when cleansing your face for the first 4 days. 


    • DAY 2- 5: Brows will start developing a thin layer of scab, continue keeping your brows dry and clean. 


    • DAY 5+: Brows are safe from water. You may return to normal skincare routines. Brows will appear very light, after scabs comes off, every week up to 6 weeks colour will continue to re-surface and brows will get darker again.


    • DAY 28-42: Your brows are healed and you're feeling unstoppable!!! 

*Deposits & Cancellations*

Please note a deposit of $100 is required for all semi-permanent makeup to secure your booking time. We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to reschedule, otherwise your deposit will be forfeited.  ​

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