Brow tints, laminations, tattoos? The Eyebrow Service Breakdown

Brow tints, laminations, tattoos? The Eyebrow Service Breakdown

When it comes to beauty and grooming, eyebrows play a vital role in framing our face and accentuating our features. From the beginning of beauty history, eyebrows have been groomed, enhanced or defined in some way, leading to a variety of beauty services to make this job easier on you. Whether you have unruly brows that need taming or want to achieve the perfect arch, there’s an option for you! As brows are a cornerstone of our services, there’s no one better to explore this world of services with. 

Brow Shaping 

Brow Tidy at LBBS

Brow Tidy with threading (LBBS)

Eyebrow Waxing

One of the most common and time-tested methods of eyebrow grooming is eyebrow shaping and waxing. Beauty therapists use wax to remove unwanted hair and create well-defined eyebrow shapes that complement your face's natural contours. This service is an excellent option for those looking for a quick and efficient way to maintain their brows and achieve a polished look. 

Threading for Precision

Originating in South Asia, eyebrow threading is another popular technique for precise eyebrow shaping. This hair removal method involves using a twisted thread to remove individual hairs with incredible accuracy. This opens the door for a more detailed shape and can be less irritating than waxing as it doesn’t stick to the skin.  Threading shapes your eyebrows flawlessly, and gives unrivalled precision making it a preferred choice for many.

Eyebrow Lamination for the Perfect Arch

Eyebrow lamination is a relatively new trend that has gained immense popularity for achieving that coveted "fluffy" eyebrow look. This process involves straightening and setting the eyebrow hairs in an upward direction, which results in the appearance of thicker, more voluminous eyebrows. Eyebrow lamination is perfect for those with unruly or downward-growing eyebrow hairs, as it gives a polished look without the need for daily grooming with eyebrow gel.

A brow lamination, tint and lash lift (LBBS)

Brow colouring and defining

Brow Tinting 

If you desire darker, more defined eyebrows without the daily hassle of filling them in with makeup, brow tinting is an excellent choice. During this procedure, a semi-permanent dye is applied to your eyebrows to darken them slightly, creating a bolder look that can last for several weeks. The tint will be darkest when first applied, and slowly fade from the hairs, without staining the skin. This service is best for those with a well shaped brow needing light definition or for those needing to cover grey hairs. 


Brow Henna / Staining

Brow Henna and Brow Staining are both options for those wanting  bold, long lasting but non-permanent definition to the brows. Henna is a naturally occurring dye from the Henna Plant that can be used to dye the brow hairs for 4-6 weeks and stain the skin for 2 weeks. This gives a more defined, filled in look to the brows, especially for those who have full brows that want an extra wow factor! 

A hybrid brow stain (LBBS)


Cosmetic Tattooing for long lasting perfection

Microblading / Powder Brows revolutionised the eyebrow game in recent years, providing a semi-permanent solution for those desiring fuller eyebrows. This technique uses a specialised tool to create hair-like strokes and shading with pigment that matches your natural hair color. Microblading is an ideal option for individuals with sparse or over-plucked eyebrows looking for a bold, filled-in, permanent makeup effect, as it provides a realistic appearance and requires minimal maintenance.


Nano Hair Stroke is a newer cosmetic tattoo service that uses a tattoo machine with an ultra-fine needle, similar to the thickness of a strand of hair. Thin individual strokes are drawn to mimic the look of natural hair and to fill sparse areas of the brows. If you think of Microblading as filling the brows with powder for a bold finish, Nano Hair Stroke is filling them in with a micro brow pencil. As Nano Hair Stroke only penetrates the very top layers of the skin, compared to deeper Microblading, this service offers a semi-permanent solution that lasts for 2 years. 


Examples of Nano Hair Stroke (Top) and Combination Nano-Powder Brows (Bottom)

Eyebrow beauty services have undoubtedly become an integral part of the beauty industry, offering a wide range of options to achieve the perfect arch and enhance your overall appearance. 

Whether you opt for the precision of threading, the semi-permanence of Nano-Hair Stroke or the quick convenience of brow tinting, these services are designed to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Before choosing a particular service, consult with a beauty therapist to determine the best option for your brow shape and lifestyle. 

With expert guidance and the power of eyebrow beauty services, you can achieve the brows of your dreams and boost your confidence to a whole new level. So, why wait? Embark on this journey of transformation and let your eyebrows frame your beauty like never before!