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Suitable for all skin types. Fibro removes the last traces of make up and dead cells which dull your complexion. Guaranteed alcohol-free and with its rich complex synergy of plants to control the pH of your skin, purifies your complexion giving it a renewed, vigorous, bright freshness.


  • Fibro completes the cleansing process of Glyco. It re-balances the skin pH. Fibro can also be used alone to clean the skin in the morning. It is ideal to remove mascara. Decongesting, anti-inflammatory, toning, astringent and refreshing.


How to use

Usage: Morning and Evening: After using Glyco milk, complete the cleansing process with cotton pads dampened with Fibro.

Your skin will feel refreshed as the last traces of makeup is taken off and prepares your skin for your moisturiser.

Suitable For
  • All skin types
  • A complex of alanine and glutamic and aspartic
    acids: Re-balances the skin pH.
  • Complex of lime, camomile, ginseng, witch hazel
    and cucumber extracts: Decongesting, anti-inflammatotory, toning, astringent and refreshing.