GERnétic Facials

Our facials use Gernetic skincare, known to enhance cell function to instantly deliver hydration to the deeper layers of your skin while plumping surface layers, eliminating fine lines.

Let your skin regain its suppleness for a beautiful glow.

Meet Sally

We're thrilled to introduce you to Sally! Having been a beauty therapist with over 30 years of experience, Sally has remained dedicated to helping individuals feel their best, where she takes delight in witnessing the positive transformations of her clients, leaving them feeling rejuvenated and radiant after each session.

Sally's impressive career journey also includes managing a wellness spa in San Francisco, where she honed her expertise in holistic skincare and body treatments. Beyond her professional pursuits, Sally is kept busy with her family life with her husband, three children, and her beloved dog, Harvey. She also finds solace in hobbies like meditation and tending to her garden, showcasing her deep appreciation for nature and mindfulness.

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An Introduction to GERnétic

  • GERnétic International products are the result of a long process of research carried out during the whole of his career by Dr. Albert Laporte, a pioneer in the field of cellular anti-ageing and founder of Laboratoires GERnétic Synthèse, through the study of biology at cellular level and of gerontology.

    It all began in the Hôpitaux de Paris in the 1960s, period during which Dr. Albert Laporte began his research in the concept of cellular therapy and the formulation of topical treatments aimed at relieving the suffering of patients and improving the state and appearance of very damaged skin.

    Dr. Albert Laporte took this innovative concept and transposed it to the world of beauty. His aim was to create a range of highly rich, and particularly efficient concentrated products. He conceptualized his theory on the ability of the body to restore its health and harmony when its cells receive accurately measured out essential active nutritional molecules. From his studies he was able to establish that numerous skin complaints are the result from deficiencies at cellular level.

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Hydrate & Nourish Power Facial

45min · $109

Our 45-minute Gernétic facial is a great starter treatment for your skin, or as a refresh and pick-me-up. In this facial, we will:

Deep cleanse, exfoliation, infusion of Gernetic nutritive products, facial and head/temple massage, apply a facial mask and finish off with a day protector.

Leave feeling rejuvenated with hydrated skin

Radiate Classic Facial

60min · $169

Our Radiate Classic Facial is a real treat to skin hydration. Replenish your skin with essential moisture and diminish signs of premature ageing.


Diagnosis of your skin. Deep cleansing of the skin. Exfoliation & Infusion using Gernetic nutritive products. Facial, neck and temple massage. Application of a hydrating facial mask

and day protector. Discuss home care recommendations.

Wellness Indulgence Facial

90 min · $209

Reveal a more luminous you with this luxurious 90 minute facial. Designed to rejuvenate both mind and body. Enter a state of deep relaxation as therapist Sally uses her skills and expert knowledge in skin, to give you a bespoke facial tailored to your unique skin needs.


Diagnosis of your skin. Deep cleansing of the skin. Exfoliation & Infusion using Gernetic nutritive products. Facial, neck, temple and body massage where tension is felt. Application of a hydrating facial mask and application of skin cell activating mask and day protector creme. Discuss home care recommendations.

*Deposits & Cancellations* 

Please note a deposit of $50 is required for all facial services to secure your booking time.  

We require a minimum of 24 hours notice to reschedule, otherwise your deposit will be forfeited.  ​

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