Meet the Team


Assistant Manager/Beauty Therapist


Jess wears so many hats at work! She’s our go-to-manager, beauty therapist, marketing guru, detective when we need answers & friend to all! She has the hair of a lions mane, you almost want to stroke it when she walks past! When you talk to Jess, you feel like you’ve been BFF’s for years. Her big smile, heart of gold and her abundance of patience has everyone loving her. If you've been a client of hers, no doubt you would have learnt something new about your skin.  LBBS would be lost without her tbh.


Salon Coordinator/Brow & Lash Stylist


I’d describe Dani as the missing piece to our team. She is ahhh-mazing!!! Dani is new here with us and I already love working with her. She’s efficient, a multi-tasker, really encouraging and always so helpful. Also super friendly and chatty - I really love how open she is. Her makeup is ALWAYS on point and she has amazing style...everytime I see her outfit I am in awe. On top of all that, her clients get such beautiful results! She is sooo good at what she does.


Microblading Artist


Hiral has been with us from the start! She is our Microblading Tatoo Artist & now trained as a Lip Tattoo Artist. The transformation this lady can do to your brows is phenomenal! Let’s say if you wanted a real magician….she’s your brow magician! The most common saying I hear from her clients would be “I feel like a new woman!”.  All of her clients are blown away by her skills. Hiral’s always telling us about the next ‘it’ place to eat or check out! She loves a party - and we love her!

Click here to see her beautiful work!


Brow Therapist


Aman… Where to even begin?? When we were still learning to crawl, to walk, to talk....she's been with us every step of the way. The mother to us all here, her caring nature extends not only to her clients but to every one of us.  She is always supporting us and pushing us to be the best we can be. If we need anything (literally, anything) she will be right there.  Currently with us a few days a week, as she takes care of her beautiful children at home.  She is one unbelievably strong and confident woman! Nothing is ever too hard for Aman, always up for the challenge.  Every client who sees her, falls in love with her... just like we all have!


Brow Therapist


Komal, she is a lot of things here. I see her as ‘The glue that holds everything together’. She is our go-to for anything.  Whether it be putting furniture pieces together or figuring out where we put the blu-tack, her sharp and smart memory makes her the smartie pants of our team . The girls here describe her as our ‘Google’.  She knows it all! Most of her days are filled with clients that want to see her and only her. She is a BOSS in all aspects of her life. What would we do without Komal?


Brow Therapist

Ahhh Deep.... the silent superstar slash comedian! How do we not love Deep! Talented and witty, yet never one to upset anyone. The salon wouldn’t look half as clean if it wasn’t for this woman.  She is the one who does all those jobs that most of us look past or think ‘I’m sure someone else will do that’.  That’s our Deep! I’m convinced that everyone needs a Deep in their life.


Brow Therapist

Mani is so very very extra. Our stand-up comedian!  Everyone knows Mani, one of our OG’s of LBB!

 If you need a laugh or a pick-me-up, Mani is the girl to see. We love her company and with her around we can never get bored.  She not only gives her clients amazing brows, they'll be guaranteed a hell of a good time - What more could you ask for in a Brow Stylist?!


Brow Therapist


Priyanka is the baby of our family. You will never see her without make-up and a bright lippy. Doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a face mask all day - she will be glammed, smiling and ready to go. She is so thorough and detailed with her clients' brows, she's like a Brow Doctor - your brows will come back to life! She comes to me with song requests to play in the salon (great songs btw). There’s only a few times I’ve had to say “We should probably wait till the clients leave to play that one”.


Brow Therapist

Jot is our little pocket rocket. She’s our Dancing Queen, our TikTok star & our salon in-house photographer! Have you seen the photos of our Lash Lift’s on our socials/site? Most likely Prabhjot’s work! And the wonders she can do to your Brows...just stunning! You can’t help but have a soft spot for her in your heart. Ask her about her latest video clip she got featured in...she is a superstar!


Beauty Therapist

Sabrina! Our very own Teenage Witch. Sabrina has been with Fresh Face Bar since day one of opening! A self confessed skin nerd and newly turned vegan, Sabrina has plenty to say about the latest 'it' cafe!  Fully qualified as a therapist, she's brave and fearless enough to return to now study her Bachelor of Dermal Science.  She knows a heck of a lot about anything skin and skin care related! She will blow your mind with her knowledge. She is honest, which means she's results driven. We love having Sabrina on the team!


Lash Stylist


I love having Mae on our team. Two reasons why: 1. Her incredible lash skills (very on point, big fan) and 2. Her fun & fiery personality! Mae is a great conversationalist and you’ll always have a great listener if you need to download. She adores her gorgeous fur baby, Miley. I think she has the hair of a Disney princess - so wild, so jealous.


Lash Stylist

Jendy is one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet. Since her first day here, I adored her gentle and kind nature. She has that super chill, go with the flow personality that we just LOVE. Jendy goes above and beyond for all of her clients. I can’t wait for more clients to get their lashes done by her. You are in for such a treat! 



Beauty Therapist/Receptionist


This is me. I am the one on the phones, replying to emails & trying to ensure each day goes smoothly as possible (some days are better than others!).  I also do facials! One of my favourite things about LBBS is the amazing women that I work with everyday. Not only do they share their delicious food with me (lunch time is the best) - their skills in lashes and brows seriously blow me away. I volunteer to be their guinea pig any chance I can get!!




Lisa...aka the boss or the Peacemaker.  On the rare occasion when things go to shit (cause we have an awesome team and lovely clients) she is always there to rescue us. Actually, I secretly thinks she micro manages us, but I guess this is what keeps us in tow.

She is the reason why we are called Lash and Brow Boudoir.  She knew even before it was trendy back in 2006 when lash extensions had just hit the beauty scene, that lashes and brows make up 90% of your face. Now we have added on skin, cause who doesn't want to be confidently makeup free after our COVID lockdown?