Extraction Facial

Extractions are a method of clearing out congestion manually, which results in clearer, smoother, fresher skin. Our extraction facial has been designed to be suitable for all types of acne, including inflamed acne. 

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Extraction Facials - 70mins I $159 

Are you looking for something that is going to target those annoying blackheads and whiteheads?

Let us do the hard work for you. 


Includes a double cleanse, steam with a good exfoliation, 30mins extractions, a soothing and hydrating mask, 10 mins LED Light Therapy, serum, moisturiser and SPF. 

This facial is a great way to get on top of any lingering acne, clear congestion and bumps that can be seen under the skin. By cleaning out the hair follicles, it helps to speed up the process to clearer skin, calming inflammation, clearing bacteria, faster healing and having less scarring. 

We take pride in focusing on locating the root cause of your acne, which can be caused by hormones, digestion, diet, makeup and stress etc.