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Clinical Peels

Peels work by exfoliating excess dead skin cells, encouraging regeneration and delivering active ingredients deep into the skin. We understand that a professional peel can be daunting, but our skin therapists will recommend a peel that is most suitable to your skin needs and available downtime - be it clearing acne, improving uneven skin tone, improving signs of skin ageing or just bringing a hydrating, smooth glow!​

Orange Photographic Consultancy Portfolio & Resume Website.png
Orange Photographic Consultancy Portfolio & Resume Website.png

The following specialised peels will require skin prepping as they pack quite a punch with their AHA/BHA blends. We want you to achieve results and this can only be done with a commitment of having these peels in regular treatment intervals and following the correct pre and post treatment skincare routine. Please speak to us before you book this in.

 Peel Package - $899

The following package includes:

- 6 x Customised Peels

- 6 x LED treatments

- 1 x Mini Post peel treatment kit

* Must be committed to getting treatments every 2 weeks in the 12 week program.


What happens after having a peel?

Strict adherence to the post-peel sun protection and home care instructions is important.


With some peels, water and water-based products must not be applied to the skin for 8 hours, as this may reactivate the peel solution.


To ensure proper healing and minimise complications, our patients follow their treatment with our Synergie post treatment kit. This kit is designed to protect and recuperate your skin. Containing your daily UV protective moisturizer with the anti-inflammatory zinc oxide, a calming facial oil and occlusive skin balm, this kit will allow you to get the most out of your treatments.

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