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Things to be mindful of before your appointment:
- When booking in for both a facial treatment and brow/facial threading/lash extensions, we prefer your facial to be done first, followed by your threading/waxing/lash services.
- When booking in for a brow tint, If you recently have had a spray tan or use tanning products on your face, let your therapist know.
- For Lash Extension Refill appointments,  a minimum of 30% of lashes need to be attached to your natural lashes. If it is less than this, we require you to book in for a New Set of lashes.

- If you have had Filler, Botox or laser treatments recently, please wait 2 weeks before getting a facial treatment.
- If you use retinol or another form of vitamin A, please avoid using this 48hrs prior to any facial, threading or facial waxing appointment.  


Please note that our body waxing services are currently only available for females.


We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and we are working towards making waxing available for everyone in the future.